In the fall of 2019 the national PRO-secretariat attended the 17th World Congress of Medical and Health Informatics.

MEDINFO is a worldwide key event in digital health. The theme for this year’s congress was “Health and Wellbeing: E-Networks for All”. The tradition of the congress is sharing pioneering informatics research and insights to improve human health. The national PRO-secretariat attended with an oral presentation of our experience regarding the development and integration of PRO in Denmark. The national PRO-secretariat also attended in a workshop along with PRO-representatives from Sweden, Norway and Greece. In general Denmark is a bit further in the development and use of PRO, compared to the other countries participating.

Read more about the Danish work with PRO, in the scientific paper "A paradigm shift: Sharing Patient Reported Outcome via a National Infrastructure" and in the slides presented at MEDINFO 2019.