PRO – patient reported outcome

PRO is an abbreviation of patient-reported outcome data. It is the patient's systematic response to questionnaires about their health status.


PRO Secretariat

Contact information

Sanne Jensen
T: +45 9133 4807

Trine Honnens de Lichtenberg
T: +45 9133 4808

Joan Nordahl
T: +45 6156 7392

Siff Ida Gilberg Pedersen 
T: +45 2369 9492

Kirsten Ann Jeberg
T: +45 2119 1887

Louise Dorner Østergaard
T: +45 2382 7748



In the financial agreement for 2017 between the state and regions it was decided to elevate the development of PRO-data to a national level: “The parties agree to form a steering group to support the standardization and broad application of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) in all sectors through-out the health care system.
The steering group is in charge of standardizing PRO-data questionnaires and establishing guidelines as well as contributing to knowledge sharing on the use of PRO-data in clinical practice and quality development.”

The members of The National Steering Group for PRO are The Ministry of Health, Danish Regions, Local Government Denmark, The Danish Health Data Authority, The Danish Health Authority, and the association Danish Patients.

The national steering group aims to:

  1. Standardize PRO-data questionnaires for patients
  2. Establish guidelines for standardized use of PRO-data across geography, sectors and treatment
  3. Contribute to systematic knowledge sharing.

Clinical coordination groups consisting of patients and representatives from the entire course of treatment across sectors outline and choose relevant questionnaires in order to secure a systematic basis for the national work on PRO-data. The initial focus areas were selected because they support the ongoing work on value based health care at Danish hospitals.

The secretariat of the steering group and the clinical coordination groups is located in The Danish Health Data Authority.

What is PRO?

PRO is an abbreviation of patient-reported outcome data. It is the patient's systematic response to questionnaires about their health status.
In the work of the steering group PRO-data is defined as:
 "Patient-reported data relating to the patient's state of health, including physical and mental health, symptoms, health-related quality of life and functional level".

How is PRO used?

PRO-data can be collected at various times during a course of treatment depending on the purpose. PRO-data collected prior to a course of treatment can be used as a preventive measure, e.g. early detection of conditions before they evolve to something worse. PRO-data collected during a course of treatment can be used as a screening tool and/or a dialogue support, which helps the patient prepare for an appointment and focuses the appointment around the specific needs of the patient. When collected after a finished course of treatment PRO-data can be used to document and monitor the effect of the treatment or involving the patient in the planning of a course of rehabilitation. As well as using PRO-data  in the meeting between the patient and the health professional, it can also be used for aggregated data analysis, quality improvement and value-based management.

One of the focus areas of the national steering group is to ensure that PRO-data is used across sectors in the Danish health care system. It is important that patients are not responsible for carrying around information about their health situation, but that the health care professionals are able to see their patient’s information collected in a different sector. The patient can see their own answers on the Danish e-Health Portal


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